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Queens College English 110
Aleksandra Djuretic Djuretic,1… 
20th-May-2009 11:29 pm
Aleksandra Djuretic Djuretic,1
Professor Alvarez
21 April 2009

I chose to conduct an interview with my mother. Since I was a little girl she has always told my siblings and I parts of her childhood and it was always very interesting. She would tell us thing like how it was when she first came to America at the age of nine, how life was and the difficulties that came with everything. That is the reason I chose my mother to do the interview on.
I decided to conduct my interview in the kitchen as she sat across from me I began my interview by asking where were you born? And how was your childhood like? My mother was born in a small town in Serbia. She was a middle child with an older sister and younger brother. At the age of nine my grandparents decided that it would be a good idea for the family to move to America. “How did you like it when you came to America.” She says, “ it was very difficult none of us knew English we had to live in a small apartment and the adaptation took awhile.” (In Serbia kids grow up in the outdoor playing outside working in the farm with animals, it was very different when all of them came to America. They went from being outdoors 24/7 to being closed in a small apartment all day.) I can only image how it could have been to go to a country where you don’t know the language or any people around you. “How was it when you began school? She says, “School was hard I did not know English and making friend was very difficult. Like kids they all judge. The only friends I had were my cousins, but I got through it I
graduated fifth grade and eighth grade. Where did you attend high school? “I wasn’t allowed to go to high school.” Why is that? “My family did not have much money at the time it was very difficult for everyone at that time, so my dad thought the best thing for me would be to get a job. At the age of fourteen I began to work in a sweater factory. It was hard. This is the reason why I yell at you to do well in school! I knew I had to finish something so I decided to get my GED no matter how hard it was. I had to go to work from 7to 5 then quickly go home eat and then go to class from 7 to 9 everyday. I was able to get my GED at the age of 16 it was a different system back then.
What were your parents and siblings doing at that time? Well my sister who is only two years older than me thought that it would be the best choice to get married at the age of 15. So she moved back to Serbia. My brother was still in school because he was young. When I was sixteen my parents ended up having a divorce, it was a difficult time to be in I didn’t have my sister and then to go through something like this was hard. America is a difficult place if you are not prepared to live here. I lived wit my mother after but I still had a good relationship with my father.” Wow that’s hard are you happy where you are today? “ Of course I’m happy your father is the greatest thing that has happen to me and you kids are even greater. I truly fele like God blessed me with what I have today. Life is all about obstacles its how you deal with them that determines what kind of life you will have. My biggest advice in life is to believe in God and treat everyone the right way and God will always be there to help you.”

How was it when I was born? Where you and dad scared for what was in front of you? “Like every parent we were scared not to make any mistakes. Since the day you were born we tried to raise you the best way we could. We worked a lot in the beginning so you had to spend a lot of time at the babysitters but we always made sure to spend time with you to teach you manors, morals and respect. You were our little angel and we wanted you to be the best.” Did it become easier as you had my sister? “When your sister was born we were in a much better financial standing. We were able to buy a house and you grandmother was able to come from Montenegro to watch the two of you, so things became a lot easier. We were able to be a very close family.” Do you feel you have done your best as a parent? Well I sure hope so ever since you were little we have always tried to talk to you and teach the right way to act and conduct certain situation. We have also always taught to you to think for the future (me shaking my head yes). Yes maybe we were a little too strict but that’s how you will be too you’ll see. You always worry about the first child the most, is it right was she’s doing? Who is she going to hang out with? , All these questions run through your mind. The number one thing your father and I wanted was for all of our kids is to go to school and do better then we ever could have.
What are you expectations for me? I most definitely want you to finish school before anything then slowly find a normal job and have a nice family. Like every mother would want (as she smiles). You are a good girl and I am happy I raised a wonderful child like you. You are doing good just keep up like this and you’ll be great.

Listening to my moms’ story tells me a lot about how life is for some people and how grateful I am to be in the position I am now. Even though they can be extremely strict at times I completely understand because every parent wants their child to be the best no matter what. I know I will be a strict parents even though I get mad at them sometime for being the way they are but I know it is all for the best.
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